Motion Sculptures™

Motion Sculptures™ are decorative abstract objects built by using interconnected moving parts. As their movement is not pre-determined, they do not fit into the classic category of kinetic sculptures. They create their own class: the class of Motion Sculptures™.

The first member of our product line of Motion Sculptures™ is Asteroxylon™, the “moving stone flower”. Its name came from an ancient plant that was only preserved in stone. It is a symbol of rebirth, representing the lost past and regeneration. Asteroxylon™’s unique capability of taking different postures on, as well as its fluid motion resembles a living creature.

● Designer

I am an engineer by profession and a craftsman by soul, that has determined my decades-long career from computer engineering through computer-generated imagery to robotics. The evolution of mass production has forced craftsmanship to the edge of extinct, but also created the knowledge to revolutionize it. I work in the spirit of traditional craftsmanship but utilize cutting edge technology to create meaningful objects to shape not only our environment, but also our soul.

Inventor, Product Developer, Founder of Emotive Motion® Ltd.

● Inspiration

It is our basic human nature that we emotionally interpret, even instinctively personify objects that can move or change their postures. Moreover, objects and their relationship in our surroundings affect us fundamentally. These phenomena have inspired me to create such abstract sculptures that are able to induce emotional reactions by changing their appearance dynamically, influenced by surrounding stimuli.

Interior Design Show 2019, Toronto, Canada

The proof of concept prototype of Asteroxylon™ has been selected by a jury of design experts and was presented in the section dedicated to inspiring new ideas. It received exceptional appreciation at the Interior Design Show in 2019, Toronto, Canada.

Limited edition

We are committed to build our Motion Sculptures™ exclusively in Canada in the spirit of traditional craftsmanship. Each one of our products is made with close, individual attention. We call the sculptures products as we utilize modern technologies to create them, but we consider them as unique characters, not copies. We like to think that they are the creations of art, innovative technology and passion. We don’t maintain stock of our sculptures, they are made to order with close contact with our customers. We ship the numbered, individually signed, limited edition Motion Sculptures™ with certificate of origin.


The positive feedback that the introduction of the proof of concept prototype of Asteroxylon™ has received, encouraged us to accelerate the development process. In a few months we will complete the final, production ready version of this first Motion Sculpture™ and accept orders.

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